Old style Bedknife adjustment

I was talking with one of my friends last night about 6500 reels and adjusting the bedknife came up.  We have one of the early models and while I’ve updated about everything I can, the thing we left alone was the bedbar adjuster.

The original uses a bolt and spring, along with 2 lockdown bolts.  Loosen your lockdowns, turn the adjuster bolt (the spring moves the bedbar) tighten everything down.  Pretty simple.  Occasionally there is some final adjustment and every now and then, one can be pretty tempermental, but overall, okay.

The new 6500′s they “upgraded” the adjustment system.  Instead of the spring they used 3 lock nuts. It really did not look harder but it turned out to be a royal pain in the ass to adjust.  So we put the original style on all our reels.

Here’s a pic of the original on a late model reel.  The parts needed are a clip 93-9784 and spring 93-2516.  You can use your original bolt.  They do get knocked out of adjustment either way, and this makes tuning them up easier.  a 004


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