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One of the main benefits of the GolfTECHS and IGCEMA web sites are the forums. As a tech, these have been invaluable. Turftech started as a combination site like these but to be honest, it takes quite a bit of work, effort, and energy to keep them going. Golftechs is by Steve Spuhler and IGCEMA is an Association site for Equipment Managers. For the last year, one of the Members, Cal Callaby, Shop Manager for Celtic Manor in Wales, which hosted the 2010 Ryder Cup,  has been documenting what has been going on in preparation for it. Lots of behind the scenes pics and commentary. Several of the members were there as volunteers, even one from the states. Their articles and comments were great.

If the activities of the association were the meal, then this thread on the forum was the dessert. It was an amazing post that lasted over 12 months and had close to 400 entries. It was marvelous. It’s hard to believe that associations in general all seem to have a problem with membership. This one is no exception. With benefits like this it’s hard to see why..

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